Memorandum Accounts

Is there a way to create some memorandum accounts (such to keep tracks of guarantee bonds) out of BS and IS? The memo accounts should not influence the BS and the IS.

Instead of memo accounts you should consider using Folders and attach the documents in relation to the guarantee bonds.

Thanks @tony, my needs is to track the numbers not the documents… for exaple… if I have a financing on a building I will have a mortgage on it… the mortgage is not in the BS… but whenever I will sell an apartment the mortgage will be reduced. The only way is to use an account which is not part of the BS but it works as a BS.

@tony I think I found a solution… I have to create my memo accounts in the BS but leave them uncategorized… the only problem is that I see those accounts only in the summary but there’s no way to see them in any report

Maybe Special Accounts?

Special Account are inside Assets. I don’t want them to show in the balace sheet. That said I don’t understand how to and what’s the use of Special Accounts… is there a tutorial?

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thanks… now I understand their use but they’re not functional to this specific problem…

You could create a 2nd Manager Business and track them within there.

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Alright… My last solution. Create dummy books. If you want really to use as test or tracking inmaterial instrument like bonds. Is like your own sandbox and no one wants to look at it.

@Brucanna @acecombat2 if i use a special account… is there a report that shows me the detail of the subaccounts inside of it?

Yes and there is no way to hide it. As far As I Know of. unless you meant by printed. it only shows Special Accounts without the details

So… create another books. If you really want no one else to know your dirty secret.

I am curious why you think the mortgage should not be on the balance sheet? It is a liability. How can you believe the balance sheet reflects the current position of the company if you leave off the fact that the business owes someone money? In most jurisdictions, if you have any public reporting requirements or used the balance sheet to apply for financing on another building, that would constitute fraud.

I think @Davide has mixed up their terminology here, they started with guarantee bonds and changed to mortgage. Guarantee bonds would be off BS, while mortgages would be on BS

Sorry Tut, in no way I want to commit any fraud. My main language is italian, maybe I did not write the right translation. About mortgage what I wanted to say that, if you get a mortgage loan of 50 milions to buy a building, you will have to give to the bank, usually, a mortgage, ie a guarantee, of twice the value… ie 100m. 50m go in BS since it’s the amout that you have to give back to the bank while the guarantee of 100m doesn’t go in the BS.

Now I understand. Your English is much better than my Italian. :wink:

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Can you help me to find the report of what’s inside a special account?

Read the release note: [16.8.41] Added ability to create custom subsidiary ledgers.