Maximum limit to add lines within single Journal Entry

Good evening,

Does anyone know how many lines can be added within a single Journal Entry?

there is no limit to the number of lines as far as i know.
but why do you need so many lines in a journal entry when there is almost no use for journal entries itself in Manager. almost all transactions are entered in their respective tabs.

Thank you for your swift response.

We are already 5 months into our Financial Year and want to migrate to Manager. It is technically not a migration as all our current data is kept on EXCEL.

Our challenge is that by now we have 5 months of Income, Expenses (which involves Accounts Receivables and Payables as well) and we want to use tracking for each revenue and expense for each of our business units.

We are OK to update a cumulated data for 5 months under each GL account separated for each business unit through tracking codes.

How do we update initial data in the middle of financial year so it is reflected correctly on Balance Sheet as well? We were trying to work around it through J Entry.

please do not double post your questions.
necessary instructions are already provided in your other topic.