Matching existing transactions

Hi, I just wanted to confirm that my understanding of the way Manager recognises duplicate transactions is correct.
In the Guide it says that:
Manager has the ability to recognize most duplicate transactions, based on type, date, and amount. In the import illustrated above, Manager does not recognize any duplicates and imports all transactions.

Does that mean it will only look at:
type - Payment or Reciept
Date - when the transaction took place
Amount - the total amount

Does that imply that Manager does not look at Payee or Description?
If I import a transaction where all field are the same as what is already imported except the data has changed, will it consider it to be a new transaction or already imported?

I guess the issue that I’m having is that the date of the transaction does change for pending transactions. So my bank will give me today’s date when I purchased something, but then when the merchant processes it, the date will change.

It would be useful to have some control over what is or isn’t a duplicate transaction. But at least if I’m certain in how Manager matches the transactions, it will help.

Thank you

Pending transactions will be duplicated when the date is changed. After importing transactions you should delete pending transactions.

Be aware that different banks follow different procedures. Some change the date of transaction depending on clearance status, some list the original transaction date, some list only the date posted to the account, and some include both in their statements. There really is no way for Manager to know which approach your particular bank uses. Therefore, duplication may be beyond Manager’s control.