Manufacturing Orders (now Production Orders)


For this you have to create a excel calculator which will give the detailed quantities you need.

Then copy those values excel to production order, this will create 24 pink lemonade and 24 strawberry cordials by reducing inventory of 48 Bottles, 24 Pink Lemonade labels, 24 Strawberry labels, 48 caps, 5kg Xylitol, 30grams Stevia, 3 litres lemon juice, 300 ml strawberry flavour, etc


You will need to create a separate spreadsheet calculator for each product and create separate Production Orders for each product

Currently Manager doesn’t have a Bill of Materials process where a product recipe is stored so currently you need to maintain that in a spreadsheet, however once you have created a production order once, say for 24 Strawberry, then you can click on view and “Clone” it

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Yes , i follow these steps and works fine.


can I plug the excel calculator into the manager system? I am doing everything manually in excel daily anyway…

When will manager have “Bill of Materials”?

This seems to be the only thing missing in the offering, and that is what I am after.


You can plug the results of the spreadsheet calculator into Manager’s Production Order.

Unknown at this stage


How do I plug the spreadsheet calculator in and what does this spreadsheet look like - is there a template I can use? Is there someone that can help me with this.

I have to change my software that I use, but don’t want to change unless I am absolutely sure this will work for us


Sorry, I should have been clearer, you don’t actually plug in the spreadsheet calculator but you manually enter the information into the production order from the spreadsheet calculations.


I wish we can find a software solution that can just do this simple function for us - doesn’t seem to exist - disappointed.


Integrating an inventory Bill of Materials into the Production Orders is not a “simple function”.
If it was, then it would have been completed.

It does, but I don’t think you’ll be prepared to pay it’s price tag.


pity - seems like such a simple thing to do - oh well - thanks for all your help - we will try to find something more suitable for our operations.

maybe Ikentoo POS solutions is a possibility…


Am missing out, please where can I find the manufacturing orders tab, or its a work-in-progress, yet to be implemented in Manager?


Sorry the name confused me. I get it as Production Orders(not manufacturing orders).