Manufacturing Orders (now Production Orders)

Waiting eagerly for this Bill of Material feature. :pray:

I’ve recently added Inventory Kits which is useful alternative to manufacturing orders if you “manufacture on order”. By using inventory kits, you can make Manager automatically manufacture required items upon sale.

Lets suppose I have an item “RAIN SUIT” in “INVENTORY KIT” which is manufactured using “INVENTORY ITEMS”.

When I sale “RAIN SUIT” then appropriate quantity of INVENTORY items gets reduced depending upon the number of RAIN SUIT’s I sold.

But how do I keep track of number of RAIN SUIT’s sold?

There is no report to show how many inventory kits have been sold. That will be added.

However, are inventory kits solving your issue from data-entry point of view?

Not completely. Its just a work around which i can use for some time. But it will be a tedious task to accept this as a permanent solution

What is your business doing? Are you manufacturing items only on demand or perpetually?

We manufacture on demand/order. It can be anything related to textile made up.

If you manufacture on demand, then why inventory kits are not good enough solution for you?

Because inventory kits does not help me track number of units sold.

Then inventory kits module is working for you. I will need to improve current inventory reports to include inventory kits so you can track sales of these inventory kits.

Yup, I hope it will work.
But what if I want to keep in stock some portion of manufactured goods?

For ex: I need to manufacture 12 units of INVENTORY-A and sale only 10 units of the same and keep 02 units in stock?

How can I achieve this?

Then you should stick to manufacturing orders. Inventory kits cannot have quantity on hand. They are manufactured and immediately sold.

All right. I’ll wait for Bill Of Materials feature then.

manufacturing is great, but there is no detailed report available, this would be very helpful to track it and confirm all works correctlt,… similar to inventory movement

Hi lubos, I was curious to know if a report to count inventory kits has been added yet and if not, when it is expected to be added?


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where do I find “inventory Kits” as mentioned in message 22?

We are a cordial / cold drink manufacturing business and we need to manufacture with raw materials as we invoice the clients, so ideally we need a daily report pulled from items invoiced to see how much raw materials we need to purchase.

Or is the “Bill of Materials” function available yet?

@Pieterduplessis, inventory kits are not meant for producing to order, although I see why you might have received that impression from the post you referenced. They are ways of selling existing inventory items as a group, rather than assembling them into finished goods before selling them. See this Guide: Manager Cloud.

Another simple example would be nuts and bolts. You stock nuts. You stock bolts. If a customer wants to be a matching nut and bolt, you could use an inventory kit. After entering the kit for a sale, you would pick the nut and bolt from their individual bins. You would not stock nuts and bolts packaged together.

In your case, you need to manufacture the drinks from raw materials. The finished drinks do not exist, even as separate items in inventory. So production orders are the correct method. See this Guide: Manager Cloud.

I tried it and it looks like the production orders could work - the only problem is that when I invoice 24 bottles of our Pink Lemonade Cordial, only one bottle’s components (recipe/ingredients) are deducted from inventory - have a look at the screen shot.
and here is a screen short of my production order of the pink lemonade:

You did several things wrong:

  1. You did not enter a quantity of the finished item on your production order.
  2. You expected a sales invoice to remove component items from inventory. That doesn’t happen. Sales invoices only affect the item sold, in this case the pink lemonade cordial. You apparently did not have any in inventory, so your inventory items list shows a negative quantity owned. That indicates a backorder. Read the Guides about inventory management. The component items are removed from inventory by the production order. You have not shared enough information to know, but it looks like you entered a production order for one bottle at some point.
  3. You included labor in the bill of materials. Only previously defined inventory items can go there. Since you have defined labor as an inventory item, delete it and unwind any prior transactions where it is referenced as an inventory item.
  4. If you want to add non-inventory costs to a production order, check the box at the bottom and proceed from there. Read this Guide again: Manager Cloud

The conflict between #1 and #2 above suggests your screen shots may not have been taken in order or of the completed transactions. Or, you may have edited the production order after entering it but prior to taking the screen shot.

Let me start at the beginning - perhaps there is an easier way to do this. Here is what I need.

When a customer places an order, we invoice it immediately for payment. Let say they order 24 Pink Lemonade Cordials and 24 Strawberry Cordials.

When I invoice 24 bottles Pink Lemonade and 24 bottles Strawberry, I need the system to give me a report summary of what I need to purchase in raw materials in total to manufacture these cordials ie 48 Bottles, 24 Pink Lemonade labels, 24 Strawberry labels, 48 caps, 5kg Xylitol, 30grams Stevia, 3 litres lemon juice, 300 ml strawberry flavour, etc