Manufacturing cost in manufacturing order

While creating a Manufacturing Order and picking the Inventory items from the inventory on hand, why the costing of Manufactured item is not calculated automatically to form the overall cost of manufactured Item.

It is. That’s the whole point of manufacturing order. If it doesn’t work for you, please send your accounting file to bugs@manager and provide step-by-step instructions to reproduce the problem.

I believe that the problem is with Desktop version, as I’m using a free version of MANAGER and not able to see the Item Description and Total Manufacturing cost in Manufacturing order.

Can you please help us in getting it fixed for manufacturing order as it is very important for us as we are purchasing the items, assembling them and selling as a complete assembly.

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Desktop, Cloud and Server editions are both identical as far as features go.

Where exactly do you expect to see manufacturing cost or item description?

Just to clarify, manufacturing cost is automatically calculated based on what inventory items have been used to manufacture finished good(s).

I’ve noticed the same for desktop version. It just makes a list with the description but it won’t show cost, which it should really. Basically it shows as a shortlist of what items build the finished product with just names. Also, would it be possible please to have a more complete step by step guide for this feature but also in general for the whole software. I believe is too much features and very limited information on how to use each one.

The cost is not shown while entering manufacturing order because the cost will be determined based on the date. The cost could be shown when viewing manufacturing order, is this what you have in mind?

Not sure what you mean by step-by-step guide for manufacturing orders. The feature is very straightforward. It allows you to take inventory items and convert them into new inventory item. For this, step-by-step guide is already available at

Complete step-by-step guide for whole software is kind of difficult. No business is going to use all the features Manager has. Every business is different and every business will use different combination of modules. For now, we keep adding new guides at Guides | Manager based on what is being asked.

I actually had in mind a more cost breakdown analysis as it already does the job and it would save time doing it in other programmes like excel for instance. It has all the info there is just the figures missing and then you would have this analysis for each finished product. Maybe it could work like invoice so you can save or print?

OK, I think the Cost column can be added when viewing manufacturing order. I will have to redesign the view so it’s not really quick fix but it could be done in a month or so.

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