Cost of each item in inventory


Every batch of manufacturing is going to have a different cost of manufacturing if the price of raw materials is constantly changing.

Clearly, Manager is already keeping track of the cost of each batch since it is providing the profit/loss figures on each inventory item. Hence, is it possible to have the option which allows us to view the cost of the product for which we are creating the sales invoice or atleast the average cost of each item in stock on a LIFO basis?


Inventory costing in Manager is FIFO (not LIFO)

Do you need to see cost of sales per sales invoice?

I thought average cost of each item is already shown, Inventory Items contains column Qty and Value. Dividing value by quantity will give you cost per item. Is this what you mean?


My apologies, I meant FIFO only.

And i know how it can be calculated, but, it would be so much quicker if there was a column just giving you the updated cost after any change (such as additional production which would change the average).


Cost per item column wouldn’t be useful to most businesses. Not to mention it is something that can be easily calculated by dividing total value by qty.

I’m planning to implement configurable columns where you will be able to select which columns you want to see on each view. So cost per item column wouldn’t be turned on by default but it would be something you could turn on if that’s what you prefer to see.