Manual entry of Bank transactions

New to this softwear but impressed so far.

I only have a small business and want to manually enter my few Bank transactions from my statement without importing it. Can I post payments made direct to the bank account without having to raise purchase invoices and then payments.

Any help would be appreciated as I have looked everywhere.

Of course you can. The guides give full explanation of how to do this along with examples

Hi Joe,
Can you direct me to the guide that explains the mechanics of recording the transactions.


I have made these manual entries but nothing seems to happen regarding posting them.
Advise if I am doing something wrong.

That is not the way to post images but they look fine

Why do you think they are not posted?

Given the small number of transactions and items listed on the tabs, I assume that you are just beginning. In that case, I wonder why you already have 5 journal entries. Manager is designed so that journal entries are rarely needed

Do a bank recon. Once you give the requested end of day bank balance, you can add/delete the missing/unwanted entries.