Managing Sales and Purchases Orders (Advanced Features Request/Suggestion)

I definitely understand what you’re proposing and I agree.

So, on customer side we have following workflow:

Sales Order → Sales Invoice(s) → Delivery Note(s)

or if goods are delivered before invoice, then:

Sales Order → Delivery Note(s) → Sales Invoice(s)

But in both instances the workflow starts with an order. So maybe when creating delivery notes or sales invoices, you could select which order is the invoice or delivery note related to. Then Manager could keep track of fulfillment status. One order could have multiple delivery notes or multiple sales invoices (if order needs to be broken down into multiple shipments or/and multiple invoices)

I’m leaving out sales quotes as they are really not part of the workflow. The workflow must start with an order.

Similar on purchasing side, you have a workflow:

Purchase Order → Goods Receipt(s) → Purchase Invoice(s)

The same concept.

Are we on the same page?


I totally agree with the work flow,

The above is exactly what happens in my company and with most of our clients.

Yes leave out Quotes.

Please proceed.

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I would advise having sales quotes included in the workflow as the whole point of open sales quotes is to chase up clients who have received a quote but have not got back to you. I consider the sales quote-sales order-delivery note-sales invoice to be the whole workflow - see my topic re status of quotes as well as the topics are related to some extent.

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@lubos I was waiting for a month to go by before I ask about the status of this feature request.
Any news ??

Any news on this @lubos

@lubos Any progress on this topic? Any challenges?
Any information on the ETA

I urgently need this game changing feature for my company and also to win a contract.

@lubos my previous comments enquiring The status of this feature hasn’t been answered. I really need to know what is happening to this feature please.

From what I understand, the roadmap for new features is usually not announced until it has been implemented. This is probably due to changing priorities, and the difficulty of a particular task might mean it gets delayed longer than originally expected.

Since the feature hasn’t been released yet … and it looks like it will be a large piece of work for the developer to complete … don’t get your hopes up about it being announced soon.

I recommend you try to find workarounds in the meantime. Maybe there is a manual way that you can keep track of your orders, until this is implemented? (e.g. spreadsheet)

when this topics implemented? Perhaps in countries with stable exchange rates the SO / PO module has little to do with the buying and selling process. But for us, in Indonesia, SO / PO has a very important role to make the price and quantity stable. this is because there are still many imported goods using dollars or some other currency. Therefore we make SO / PO to tie the price for a certain period of time. I really hope this can be a concern.

@Abeiku isn’t this topic: How to find Pending Deliverables on Sales Orders discussing the same matter?

Yes I think he is also on the same line, he wants to see his pending orders when he enters the order tabs
With my suggestion my focus was more on basic Procurement and Sales Management in Manager using orders and invoicing. Sales and procurement management these days is not only managed on computerised systems by issuing invoices or delivery and receipts documents. The accounting application should be able to easily tell users pending sales and purchases orders at a glance.

This feature makes the difference between accounting applications now. My initial suggestion included tracking inventory to deliver and inventory to be received but then I changed the focus with a subsequent suggestion to tracking orders just based on the monetary amounts with the hope that it extends to cover inventory in the future when things are clearer. But in the end, everything sales and purchases ends up on an invoice so using invoice is simple and best fit looking at how @Lubos tries not to complicate the application.

From the topic, I saw how @Tut and @Lubos insist orders are not binding, yes order are not binding but good customer relationship and trust and supplier reliability is key in company survival. So the focus should be shifted from legal documents and to proper order management. Orders are nearly binding now in the commercial world. A company will issue a purchase order only to trusted and carefully selected supplier and there are often clauses in the order document which ensures parties don’t disappoint in the delivery and payment.

Orders should not be posted into the system but Manager should be able to show balances.
Customer A ordered a service of $ 1000 and inventory of $ 1500 which sums up to $ 2500.
And we invoiced $ 1000 service item and $ 500 inventory to the customer.


The idea is monitoring Sales and Purchases orders balances with Manager


when will status of pending deliverable on sales orders be implemented. bcoz many people time to time asking for this option and it is already very delayed

@lubos Any update on this request - Report on undelivered purchases. Thank you

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Hi @lubos, an we expect this soon, its been long wait.:roll_eyes:

really need to tracking pending quantities on purchase orders, not sure if this will ever be implemented

This was already implemented. You must choose the option on inventory items to track quantities to receive and then use goods receipts. See the Guide: Use goods receipts | Manager.

May I know whether there is any remarking system for used up quotes/ orders so that same quote or order cannot be used more than one time. This is a request from a potential client for Manager and applicable for both inventory and non-inventory?

no. and in my opinion it is not a feature to look forward to.
most business do not fulfill a sales order in a single invoice.
also, there are contractual obligations where a company quotes rates for their products which is valid for any number of supplies over a period of time.

Thank you.