Manager Workflow Consistency View

I have done a sample Quote - Sales Order - Sales Invoice - Sales Receipt - Delivery Note and a Purchase Order - Purchase Invoice - Payment - Remittance Advice.

I have picked up the following issues:

Sales Quote:

  1. Might be an idea to rename Reference to Quote No: and remove the #

Sales Order:

  1. Missing Quote No:

  2. Rename Reference to Client Purchase Order No and remove the #

  3. No Company Logo. In one way a Sales Order is an internal document, but I can see internet companies needing to send an “sales order” to the client who has just placed an order on their website. Internet companies don’t generally send a sales invoice immediately on purchase. So should Company Logo appear on this document for Internet Sales type companies?

  4. Document says Customer and Customer Address whereas all other Customer documents say To and Customer Address. For consistency sake have one or the other format.

  5. I have created a custom field for Sales Quotes and Sales Orders but I only have the option to hide the custom field from printed document on Sales Quotes. There is no box that I can untick to hide custom field on Sales Order.

Sales Invoice:

  1. If I copy from Sales Quote it includes Sales Quote Number. However if I copy from Sales Order to Sales Invoice, it does not include Sales Quote No.

  2. Sales Invoice appears to be pulling code field from Inventory Items which is correct. However its pulling the Name field from Sales Invoice Items which is wrong. So it looks different from Quote and Sales Orders which pull everything from Code field.

Sales Receipt:

  1. Rename Reference to whatever it should for that form and my question is what should I be using as a reference number on Sales Receipt. Should that be the client Purchase Order Number?

  2. Remove # from reference numbers.

  3. I think this document is an internal document only? So should it have the company logo?

Delivery Note:

  1. Remove the # from delivery note reference numbers.

Purchase Order:

  1. Remove # from Reference No.

Purchase Invoice:

  1. Rename Reference to Purchase Invoice No

  2. Not showing Purchase Order Number on document.

Payment Document:

  1. Rename Reference to whatever it should for that form and my question is what should I be using as a reference number on Purchase Payment.

  2. My Purchase Invoice Number is not showing in description field so payment form works differently from receipt form which shows my sales invoice number in receipt form.

  3. Does this document need Company Logo as is internal form?

Remittance Advice:

  1. Remove the # from Invoice No.


What should the Decription title be for Quotes, Orders, Invoices, Receipts, Delivery Notes and for Purchase Orders, Purchase Invoice, Payments as I never really know what to put in. For example if I am selling a laptop to a client, I might put in Laptop for teacher name, but its more complicated if I am selling say ten laptops, three ipads and other goods such as keyboards, mouses etc. Then what do I put in to make the Description useful to both myself and client in all forms?

The problem that I am encountering with the Description Title is that when I go from Invoice to Receipt it never copies the Description so I have to keep going back and copying and pasting. In another post, someone indicated that this is not how the Description Field is meant to be used.

Remember, the title of a quote can be changed, so “quote number” might not always be appropriate.

Similarly, different users reveal through their comments that they use the Reference fields on various records for different purposes. Getting too specific limits the flexibility of the program to be adapted to specific users’ needs.

On the sales receipt, this might frequently be given to a customer. So a logo is definitely appropriate.

On the sales order customer name and address issue, a sales order is not “to” anyone, whereas a sales invoice is. So different headings seem logical.

@Tut I understand that not everyone will use a number for quote. The wording does not have to be quote number. The point is to make the usage of the reference number more intuitive for people who are new to accounting or even people like myself for example with regards to reference number in payment and receipts forms. If instead of using the word reference rather a word that was more descriptive of what the reference field should be used for on that form would be more intuitive.

Ya, I know that people use the reference fields for various different purpose possibly because they have been doing it the wrong way before using Manager and so continue to use it the wrong way. For example, in my excel spreadsheets I used the Purchase Invoice Reference Number as Invoice 1, Invoice 2, Invoice 3 etc. I continued this philosophy in Manager without considering why I actually started with it in the Excel spreadsheets. The reason upon consideration was to ensure that if I deleted a record by mistake in the excel spreadsheet I could track down the invoice using the Invoice 1, Invoice 2, Invoice 3 numbering scheme as I printed out all my invoices so I could match everything up and in date order!

However this philosophy is not necessary in Manager, because you cannot accidentally delete an invoice if payment has already been made and dates are much more visible in Manager than in my old excel spreadsheet. And its not likely that one will delete an unpaid invoice as Manager makes it much more visible to see what is going on unlike my excel spreadsheets.

In addition, by using my Invoice1, Invoice 2 etc numbering scheme, when I use the remittance Advice form its showing my invoice number rather than the invoice number of the supplier. So in a sense by replacing the words reference with something more intuitive to prevent users like myself from continuing with accounting practices that are incorrect and also to make it more intuitive to new accounting users what reference they should be using on the form. I agree that getting too specific limits the flexibility of the program, but on the other hand it also prevents mistakes like this one from being made. I am going to be spending time changing the purchase invoice numbers to be that of the suppliers invoice number rather than my 1,2,3 scheme so that everything flows correctly from one form to another.

If the sales receipt might be given to customers, then thats fine. I just raised the point as I don’t really know whether it would be used like that.

You do have a point re sales order customer name versus sales invoice to - so yes different headings would be logical asssuming that is that sales orders are only ever used internally - see my query re internet sales companies - whenever I buy online I get a sales web order from them and then a sales invoice a day or so later. So how would an Internet sales company create this sales web order in Manager?