Manager Payslip chewing my paper, can 2 payslips be put on 1 page? help

Manager Payslip chewing my paper, can 2 payslips be put on 1 page? help

No, they cannot. Each transaction form is handled separately by Manager. Your only alternative would be to create a custom theme that prints on the bottom half of a page. Then, edit half the payslips to use that custom theme and run the already-printed first group of payslips through the printer again. Lots of work for little gain. And lots of potential for mistakes that chew up more paper.

Set up email system in Manager, send payslips via email.

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Good advice as why use paper. Alternatively, snap screenshots and put them in tables in Word.

How does this work for you?
Do you really physically cut each page in half after you have printed it or is your page actually smaller?
What are you actually trying to do? Do you just want an archive copy or something else?

I Give them hard copies, I need to print because I need to stamp them.

Thanks, I m just looking for a quick way. Because doing that for 50payslips it’s hectic

Export via batch PDF, set printer to print two pages per sheet.

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So for you cutting each page in half is cheaper including labour than printing two pages?

I find it hard to understand too.

Thanks Abeiku

Then print the first payslip, then re-insert the paper into the printer upside down, face up.
So you now have your 2 payslips per page.