Manager for School

Can anyone give an example of Manager used for a school where:

We can create students with their fees through an excel sheet maybe
Create all teachers through excel maybe
Upload all payments and receipts through excel

Any advice?


Please add more information.

We are looking to generate:

Record all students
Record all employees (teachers)
Generate Student Fee
Record receipts of student fee

You can use batch operations to upload student (customer) and teacher (employee) lists. See Manager Cloud.

Payments and receipts cannot be handled through batch operations.

Student fee sales invoices can be set up as recurring sales invoices for each student. See Manager Cloud.

My question is why you want to do all this in Excel and then record it again in Manager? Everything you describe can be done directly in Manager.

We use Manager entirely for our school. You can easily setup students’ accounts, invoices as school fees bills, teachers’ employment records and payrolls, suppliers and logistics. You can do many things with Manager, you just need to be creative :grinning:


Hello Success, what did you do so that the student’s class number can show on the receipt of the student when issued?

A custom field can be created and populated to reflect class number.

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Is the number unique to the student? If so, put it into the Code field when defining a student as a customer. Read this Guide: Use customer codes | Manager.

You could also just include such a student number with their name.

If the number is a group number shared by every student in a group, use a custom field, checked to show on printed documents. Read this Guide: Use custom fields | Manager.

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