Manager Bugs

Dear @lubos

The latest updates caused problems in some parts of the software.


All my custom reports were deleted with the latest updates. I have backups, however the software does not load the custom reports that I backed up.


Taxable Sales Per Customer and Taxable Purchases Per Supplier reports do not show summation in “Total Sales” column
Before, it did show those sums.

Neither of these is a bug.

  1. If you had searched the forum before posting, you would have discovered a great deal of discussion about the new custom report capability. Old reports are not compatible with the new capability. They disappeared several dozen updates ago. You will need to create new reports using the new system. See Create custom reports | Manager. The capability continues to be expanded almost daily.

  2. You can debate how the report should be designed, but it functions as currently designed. These reports are per supplier and per customer. In that context, a total makes little sense. They are not meant as sales or purchase summaries. On the other hand, the tax all goes to the government, so there is a total for that. The Tax Summary, General Ledger Summary, or Profit and Loss Statement all give you totals for sales, expenses, and so forth.

How can I get old version? I need download old manager version.

What OS are you using? Windows, Mac, Linux? server or desktop version?

There is no public archive of old versions. Additionally, now that you have opened your business with a newer version, the program would not allow you to open it with an older version due to changes in database structure.

Perhaps there should be to minimise the negative impact of the recent advances

The issue is the totals used to be there…

But that doesn’t mean that the “current” design is correct or right. As highlighted by @VACUUMDOG the totals were there in a previous version, therefore the current version has removed / deleted a previously existing feature, and perhaps they should be re-instated.

Quite frankly @tut, you must eat B………t for breakfast. Another totally illogical statement by you.

To be honest, it really pisses me off when Users are being belittled (as in this topic) for highlighting their observations of how Manager has changed/modified/withdrawn a previously existing feature. Perhaps Manger is at fault, not the User.