Manager as an app on Zapier

Who would be responsible of adding Manager as a an app on Zapier? This would open TONS of possibilites for the platform that I would so much use. All accounting software are currently on Zapier. I am currently trying to send people SMS messages whenever they make a payment off a sales invoice or send an SMS upon the create of their sales invoice. It would’ve been so easy with Zapier.

There are several posts about Zapier and API integration. You can use the search function to find them (should have been your first option).

I am not a developer and that wasn’t my question. I asked about the feasibilty of having Manager as an app on Zapier as it requires zero code to set up integrations between Manager and other apps. That’s the beauty of Zapier. It lets entrepreneurs like me who aren’t tech savvy integrate Manager with lots of apps and increase productivity and improve the customer experience.

Is this idea still valid !

I’m working on v2 of API. It will be a lot more impressive API than what we currently have. This won’t make Manager available on Zapier and other no-code platforms yet but it will get closer.