Manager 18.1.6

Hi there,

I’ve updated manager to version Manager 18.1.6 on the desktop version for mac.
Now I have an invoice from November 2016 showing overpaid by $100.77, then on a different invoice from November 2016 too, the same amount of $100.77 is overdue.

I recall that I’d created a credit note for that same customer.

How do I fix that problem?

Thank you in advance for your usual support.

i suppose you had not updated Manager for sometime now.

there had been changes to how credit is allocated to invoices.
you can read about the same in below topic.

you must have received a payment which was $100.77 more than the invoice value of the invoice selected. edit the receive money transaction you had made and delete the invoice number under the invoice column. this should fix the issue.

Perhaps a receive money and a credit note were both allocated to the same invoice number.
Reallocate one of them to the unpaid invoice.

These Guides may be useful. They include discussion of the automatic allocation process:

The last version I had was 17.8.20

Now I know what happened, but i still don’t know how to fix it.

Initially I issued an invoice (inv#0054) of 9,301.73. We had some problem with one of the item on inv#0054 and I was discussing the issue with the supplier and meantime the invoice was due and the customer paid the full amount of 9,301.73. Then the supplier agreed to discount that item (after the invoice being fully paid) which I then applied a discount of $100.77 on one of the item on inv#0054 while already being paid in full.

On the next due invoice (inv#0058), I’ve asked the customer to apply the discount and to pay $100.77 less than the amount shown on the invoice, which he paid 955.23 where the amount on inv#0058 was 1056.00

Now inv#0054 is showing as overpaid whereas inv#0058 is overdue by $100.77

Is wasn’t showing up as an issue until I downloaded version 18.1.6

Any idea how to fix this? The only think i can think of is to edit those two payments as per the invoices, but in that case my bank account wont reconcile.

I never used credit note… Sorry @ Brucanna

You should not have applied a discount to sales invoice 0054 after the fact. You should have issued a credit note. Either way, since the invoice was already paid in full, it became overpaid.

In your old version, overpayments were rolled forward automatically, so the $100.77 was applied to invoice 0058. Together with the reduced payment on that invoice, it was also paid in full.

The newer versions do not automatically roll overpayments forward if they are designated for a specific invoice. So here’s what you do to fix things the easiest way:

  • Find the transaction for $9301.73 where the customer paid for invoice 0054.
  • Delete the invoice number after the customer’s name in the line item.

That should free the program to automatically assign the $100.77 to the sales invoice for that customer with the oldest due date, presumably 0058. This should work unless there are other invoices for this customer in between that are unpaid, in which case the $100.77 will be applied to one of them.

If that doesn’t fix your problem, get back with more details.

I haven’t been able to fix the problem. I’d simply edited the individual invoice and apply the discount (and I’ve wrote a note), even if amount paid is different from amount of invoice. At lease it cancel the over payment and overdue issue. The only problem is that the bank statement doesn’t reconcile, but its all good as far as I can track down the transaction.

the easiest approach would be to edit invoice and remove the applied discount of 100.77 in your inv54. then add the discount to inv58.