Linking Sales Tax with Billable Time

I am very new to Manager (so sorry if the answer to this question should be obvious to me).

I am a sole-proprietor billing hourly for services. I enter my time entries into the Billable Time section. I have established my sales tax in the Tax Codes table.

To generate a sales invoice, I access the billable time table via the Customers section via clicking the blue Uninvoiced amount value. That takes me to the uninvoiced billable time records for that customer. So far, so good.

I select the appropriate billable time records that I wish to invoice and select the New Sales Invoice button. The result is an invoice report but without the appropriate sales tax. Where do I identify a tax code that should be linked to each billable time record such that sales tax is calculated and appears on the sales invoice (and totaled accordingly)?

…or am I missing the process completely and need to do this another way so that sales tax is applied to billable hours? Any assistance and guidance would be appreciated. Thanks.

There are two approaches:

  1. Select the tax code for each line item on the sales invoice.
  2. Set a default tax code for the income account, Billable time - invoiced. Everything posted to that income account will receive the default tax code. (Entries can still be edited on the sales invoice.) This has been discussed previously in the forum. See Sales invoice form defaults not picked up when invoicing billable time.

Thank you, Tut. The link you provided on a previous post answered the question. I appreciate it.