Logo on Reports

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Firstly awesome program.

Is there a way that one can insert the company logo at the bottom of reports as a footer?


the themes apply to the customer and supplier statements. so you can select the themes.
other reports are for internal uses of the business and there is no point in having a designed theme for it.

Thanks sharpdrivetek for the reply.

If I am managing a Clients Accounting Books, I think it would be nice to have my logo at the bottom of the reports showing that I take ownership for the information provided to them.

If you print the form off, you can print it onto paper that already has your letterhead (or footer) on it.

Otherwise, as @sharpdrivetek mentioned, it’s not currently possible to adjust these.

you could easily do that with a third-party pdf editor like PrimoPDF.
after printing the report to pdf, just add a footer or watermark or digital signature with the pdf editor before mailing it to your client.

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Excellent idea, will give it a try.


Try entering into the Footer already under each report.

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while this is a good idea, not all reports have a footer. so some reports need to have alternate ways.

It would be fantastic to have a logo on the reports as we have different companies and this just makes the reports more professional.