Locking financial periods

Could there be the ability for the administrator to ‘lock & unlock’ financial periods in order to ensure that prior (fully closed) months/years and upcoming months/years do not get posted in without their knowledge.

This is important as mistakes can be made by staff and they can very easily be corrected by editing. Thats great but the problem that poses is that their editing could change financial performance & financial position for past months.

If such changes go unknown by the supervisors (which they surely would) then that would be huge risk exposure in many ways.


I agree. It will be implemented, possibly even by end of this month.


Any update on this? Thanks

I’ve already started working on this. The first implementation will prevent editing any transaction with the date within locked period.

It will not prevent changes to chart of accounts which can potentially impact locked period by renaming account which has been used within locked period. I could go as far as preventing edits to chart of accounts but I’ll wait for the feedback after the first implementation is released.


That sounds like a good start. Thanks

Any update on this? Thanks

This feature will be available tomorrow, almost ready…

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I see the lock date function in settings, but it does not seem to be working.

I set the lock date for 28-Sep-2014

I was able to create, update and delete transactions on 28-Sep-2014 and prior.

I also assumed that this may be due to my admin account, so, I created a second Test account under limited access (everything but settings access) and still the same results.

Do I need to do something additional to enable the feature?

Is ıt available now? Thanks

Dear Lubos,

Just updated to V14.10.6 and still having the same issue with locking financial period. Seems that its doing nothing at all.

First I logged in as Admin and set the Lock Date;

Then, I created a test user account with limited access and logged back in with that account;

Once I logged in with the Limited Access test account, not only was I able to create new entries in the locked period but also delete entries within the locked period;

Initial Data:

After Deleting Entries within Locked Period:

After Creating New Entries in Locked Period;


Any word on this yet?

I didn’t quite finish locking functionality yet. It was a bit accidental that user interface for the module leaked into the release but I’m not going to take it off as I’m expecting to finish this functionality sometime this week anyway.


Any eta on when this function will be operational?

hi Lubos, how’s the progress on this? do you have an eta? thanks

Just wondering whether you’re still working on this or not…

It’s now fixed in the latest version (14.12.62)


Thank you very much Lubos. I’m still using version 14.10.23 and been waiting for a long time.
Very pleased it’s fixed now

Work is going to become SO much more secure now with this option.

Thank You SO MUCH!

Hi Lubos,
I have a problem after upgrading. It seems a large number of transactions went to suspense after the upgrade.
I have tested the old versions. Up to version 14.11.28, the transactions were fine.
After I tested upgrading to Manager 14.12.5, large transactions appeared on suspense and the profit and loss reports have changed. After upgrading to the latest version (Manager 14.12.66) as well, the problem persist.
Please advise how to fix it.
Thank you

I’ve analized the data. It seems the invoices with no supplier selected made the transactions went to suspense (probably)