Liability use

I own a sole business and sometimes there are payments that are yet to be made. For example, at the end of every month, I always deduct a certain percentage from the profit for a specific purpose, but it’s been two months and I have not made the payment.

Do I need to go to the month pending and register it as a liability? and how do I do that?.

Anytime I register any transaction as a liability through payment, my liability decreases and when I register as a receipt, the liability increases but it registers as an income so there’s extra balance which makes no sense to me.

I tried using control accounts but it’s more confusing.

I Would love a concised and clear explanation as how I can solve this problem, thanks

You need to be more specific. What is the deduction for? It sounds like there may be no transaction to enter, because nothing happened.

For your other question, you need to show the Edit screen of the transaction.

It’s more like an emergency or savings, so it’s not an actual transaction because I have to pay to the financial institution that handles savings, I want it to be recorded as a liability before making a payment and I am completely new to this (especially liability) and the guides are not helping.

There is no transaction because there is no liability. You owe nothing to anyone. Accounting records what has happened, not planning for future events, even though planning takes advantage of accounting information.

Your provision for future obligations does not constitute a payment. It is a segregation of your equity as owner. To that end, you could divide your equity accounts, whatever form they take. But since you are a sole proprietor, that really serves no purpose. It would only be equivalent to placing part of your money in one pocket and part in another.