Keeping track of Crypto investment in

Dear community,

I am considering using for keeping track of my investments in crypto and switching from excel. However, I am missing one aspect in the software where I need your help, if someone has already figured it out.

Numbers are fictional, so ignore those :slight_smile: Let´s say I have purchased BTC for 32 EUR and I have made that record in the Inventory tab, as that was the only option in to see quantity, purchase price and value.

My issue is that I cannot understand where to “level” the inventory. Let´s say the price of coin risen from 43 to 50k, is there an option to level the inventory so that the quantity would stay the same but the total cost in this case would be greater. Booking would be as follows:
Debit: Inventory
Credit: Revenue
This would be most similar to the depreciation or appreciation of goods, for example. I have tried by using just journal entry, however that just ruins all other data.

I hope I have elaborated clearly my question. Does someone perhaps has some other solution as I have tried as well with the fixed assets option, but I cannot see all info (quantity eg.).

Thx a lot for your help!

I believe Manager has native support for crypto currencies. What you should do is this:

  • Create a foreign currency of BTC
  • Create a control account composed of bank accounts called “Crypto investments” under current assets.
  • Create a BTC bank account that you classify under “Crypto investments”.

Now you should update your exchange rates at regular intervals and Manager will happily calculate your unrealized gains/losses for you.

Also, all your crypto conversions will be done through Inter-account transfers. These will calculate your realized gains since the last exchange rate update.