Journalizing pre-paid expenses

Good Morning
I did a JOURNAL, Crediting the Pre-paid Expenses from 2019 in the Assets (now all at “Nil”), and Debiting them to the relative Expense Accounts in 2020.
The Expenses side of the Journal is not appearing on the relevant Expense Accounts.
What could the problem be ?
Thank you.

appearing where? on the Summary page?
if yes, did you set the Summary page to include the date of the journal entry?

Hi. Sorry, I don’t understand your reply.
I am totally baffled by the fact that the CREDIT side on the Journal has been successful (crediting the Assets on the Balance Sheet), but the DEBIT side of the Journal has not been successful (debiting the relevant Expense Accounts).
Thank you in advance for further clarification on this matter.

you have still not clarified where you expect the values in expense account to appear.
please read the guide

please provide screenshots of your journal edit screen and the screen where you say it is not appearing.