Job wise details

When am looking to the job wise profit and loss report,i can’t see details.For Eg : Only purchase account is coming,if i can see all purchase details(items) under the purchase head, that will be better.Is it possible?

Does this help? Guides | Manager

We are keeping all purchases under purchase head. When I am checking job wise report all purchases are coming under the head purchase,actually we need to see all purchases separately,then we can identify which material is coming under the particular job.Is it possible.I think you understand what am asking.

If you need more expense accounts (such as types of materials) then you need to create additional expense categories under your Chart of Accounts and use them. Here is relevant guide:

hi lubos

i undestand that, if am doing like that…the profit and loss account will show all materials account.I think its not good , bcz i have lot of materials.There is any other option.