Job Completion Percentage

Dear Sir,

If I’m using Tracking code for each Job in contracting business, How can I control the completion percentage or completed united from each open Job I have in the system?

appreciate to support and advice.


The only way to do this in Manager would be to use a custom field. The program will not, however, calculate completion percentages for you. This would be a manually entered field.

Hi Tut,

Actually Manual calculation will not solve the task required, I was thinking to use the sales order as a contract and then convert the sales order into sales invoices each stage I complete part of the Job. but I could not find any way to link between sales invoices and specific sales order.

Do you have any Idea if I can link them to control how much invoiced against certain sales order ?


That is the manual entry I was referring to. A project accounting module has been mentioned as a possible future addition to the program, but right now there isn’t one.