Japanese tax code incorrect

Hi there everyone! Is anyone aware that the in-built tax code for Japan is incorrect. It is currently 8%, not 5%.
How can this be rectified?

Can you provide link to government documentation?

This is from Jetro (Japan External Trade Organization):

3.6 Overview of consumption tax

The following domestic and import transactions, except for certain transactions deemed non-taxable, are subject to consumption tax. The consumption tax rate is 8% (inclusive of local consumption tax rate of 1.7%). Although the consumption tax rate is scheduled to increase to 10% (inclusive of local consumption tax rate of 2.2%) from April 1, 2017*1, a reduced consumption tax rate will also be introduced at the same time. The reduced tax rate of 8% (inclusive of local consumption tax rate of 1.76%) will be applied to food and beverages, except for alcoholic drinks and dining out, and newspapers published more than twice a week (based on a subscription contract).

Domestic transactions: the transfer or rental/lease of assets or the provision of services as a business in Japan by an enterprise for consideration.
Import transactions: cargo retrieved from a bonded zone

Financial transactions, capital transactions and certain transactions in the areas of medical care, welfare and education are deemed non-taxable. Export transactions and export-like transactions such as international communications and international transport are exempt from consumption tax.

*1 On June 1, 2016, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced that the rise in the consumption tax to 10% and the introduction of the reduced tax rate would be postponed until October 2019.

Dear Tut, has there been any progress on the subject? Thanks!

I am not the one to change the software. I am a forum moderator. However, the link you provided is invalid. Do you have another?

This should be the correct link. Not sure why the other one stopped working.
Whom can I contact regarding software changes?

@lubos is the one. He reads this forum. He already added tax codes for another country today, 3 hours after being alerted.

Added to the latest version (18.3.24) but going forward, I will need to create some system where users can submit tax codes themselves and can make it into the program automatically (similar how translations already work) rather than us going through each addition manually.

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