IZettle fees

Hi there,
We are using Manager for the second year however have been inaccurately logging izettle payments/fees.
For example:
We have a total sales on card per day and a total of Cash per day that equates to a total at the end of the month.
The total Card sales go directly to izettle each day and every few days izettle pay an amount minus their fees into our business account. their fees change depending on how much we take on card payments.
We cant seem to work out how to log an accurate sale per day on card and relate it to the amount izettle pay us minus their fee, as all we seem to be doing is duplicating our income.
We need to correctly log card sales per day and card sales per month as well as showing the credit by izettle direct to our account minus their charge.

Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you

The payment that iZettle sends you needs two lines. One for the total income against your income account of choice, and another against your iZettle expense account that you need to set up if not already done.

I do this for Stripe payments regularly (they’re a card payment processor, and they take out a percentage as their fees, which sounds like the same situation you’re in here).

Thanks for this, sounded like I understood but really I haven’t.
We Import our bank statements for the month, this may have around 20+ iZettle payments entered. They don’t pay us on the same day as they receive the money instead they pay a few days later or even on a Monday for Fri-Sunday. So if we keep the bank statement izettle payment column in, there is no where for us to then enter the true amount we took off the customers for the same period. This amount needs to reflect the amount iZettle technically charged us.
Sorry if this doesn’t make much sense its very hard to explain when I don’t fully understand the Manager program.

You will need to edit the imported transactions to have the two lines @ShaneAU mentioned. Note that the fee line must be put in as a negative.

thanks but we don’t have a fee charged to us. the money we take from our customers go’s straight to iZettle. iZettle then pay funds into our account minus the fee.

Yes, you do. Otherwise, you would be getting the full amount paid by the customer and iZettle would be getting nothing. The difference between what your customer paid and what iZettle puts into your account is the fee.

We did it thank you. Sorry for the painstaking questions.