Items not deducted from inventory

I spend all day yesterday introducing intems and sell invoices.
At the beginning I added to inventory locations.
Started with sell invoices and was ok, appears from which location I was taking the items.
Today I started programme, inventory shows all items, no deduction from sale invoices and know if I want to issue a new sell invoice it does not appear the field to deduct items from inventory and inventory shows 100% of items without and sells.

Are the sales invoices you entered yesterday listed in the Sales Invoices tab?

items are deducted only after issue delivery note.
(A) some program deduct inventory when issue invoice, (B) some system deduct inventory only after issuing deliver note. This program is type B, i like this system, because you know exactly the inventory. Because Type A will show discrepancy with stock in books and ground stock. Because usually goods do not deliver after issuing invoice.

What @melvin says is true only if Delivery Notes tab is enabled.

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