Item or Product Creation

I found, I create Product under Sales Invoice, but when I want entry Bill using same product, I can’t find in product list. I need to Create newly under Bill. This is very complicated and wasted time.

Please give me solution and try to make One Product for Invoice or Bill every where access. This is general for All Accounting Software in 16 Years Accounting Software Knowledge.

What is deference between Inventory Item, Purchase Invoice Item and Sales Invoice Item ?
Purchases Invoice Item and Sales Invoice Item why not same ? Any retail or Distribution Company first buy products, after Sale, But product or Item is must same. Please give me solution.

But in Manager Purchases Invoices Item and Sales Invoice Item Need Create separately and Two time ! Is waste time and Make boring to do Work. Please check this issue and Make one Item is available for Sales and Purchases. Please give solution.


If you are buying goods to sell to clients - then use the inventory items. This is exactly what the inventory items is intended to be used for.

Purchase invoice Items are for products that you buy that you are either using for your own company expenses such as ink for your company or it could be purchases that you are buying that will not be directly billed to a customer. For example, I could design a website for a customer and buy some artwork for the website. But I will only be billing the client for the website, not for the individual items such as artwork. In that case, I would buy the artwork in Purchase Invoice as I won’t be selling the Artwork directly to the client.

Sales Invoice Items would be like any non-inventory items. For example, the aforementioned website. I don’t buy a website - I design a website, so my sales invoice would be for designing that website - there is nothing for me to buy, therefore I would not put this in inventory.

In short inventory items is when you buy a nail and you sell that nail to a customer. Purchase Invoice Items are for company purchases like ink or for purchases that you make for a customer, but will not be directly sold to the customer such as artwork for the website. Sales Invoice Items would be any non-inventory items that you want to sell such as website design, car tutoring services etc - anything that does not have an actual product that you buy and then sell.

What you need to do is create inventory item and then when buying you use purchase invoices and select the item you wish to purchase and you use sales invoice and select the inventory item that you wish to sell. From the sounds of it, you don’t need to use purchase Invoice Items or Sales Invoice Items.

All these items are meant only as shortcuts for commonly entered things.