Issue with Special Accounts v19.12.11


I’ve noticed that something has gone wrong with Special Accounts specified in currency following the latest update. When entering journal entries, I can no longer specify the amount of the entry in the specified currency of the account. E.g. I can only set an amount for the line in the base currency of the company, when before I used to be able to specify the currency amount of the movement, and have the difference be taken into account in exchange rate differences.

Bizarrely, this only affects the most recent Special Accounts I have created. The earlier accounts retain the ability to specify currency amounts, just not the most recent ones.

I’ll have to roll back to the previous version, as this has unbalanced all my Special Accounts from year 0. Yikes.

I’ve done a bit more testing. It appears to be something to do with the last lines in the Journal Entry. So if I create a new JE, then enter the Special Account line as the first line, it lets me specify the currency. However, if I enter the normal account first, followed by the Special Account, it doesn’t allow the currency amount to be specified.

Here are some screenshots:

this is as designed but there is scope for improvement. please read the below topic.

It’s also mentioned in the product updates newsletter for January 2020:

“The journal entry form is improved to avoid confusion in certain multi-currency situations. The form no longer allows supplemental currency entries on the final line.”

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Ahhh, thanks all. Ok, I’ve rearranged the offending lines from all of history, and that seems to have sorted the problem.

Panic over.