Issue with inventory write offs

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I have an issue with Inventory Write-offs. when i put an entry to write off some inventory Allocated with sales then i got negative sales entry in summary as given in screenshots.


as you have seen in this image that inventory sales was 90,579.44 INR and after Negative sales Entry Income is going Down 65,560.11 INR.

Please Explain.

If I Delete the inventory Write-Offs Entry than Inventry Location will Show Stock than What should I do??

what do you mean by negative sales?
i think what you need to do is issue credit notes. i am assuming that you are entering your returned items as a negative sales invoice.

please explain why you are using inventory write-off?
inventory write-off is used to adjust the inventory count with physical quantities during a yearly stock taking or similar process.

I have a workshop and two warehouses names A & B. I am transfer finished goods to them. When I am invoicing of goods of warehouse A then stock should be deduct. But stock has been seems as it is.
I was checking the inventory write-offs ten then I found a allocation of sales. So I was using that write off as a sales.

After that when I had seen in summary there was a enters as sales which is in minus as it is looking in image which I share with you.

Please suggest me better method to manage inventory.

if you have different locations, then you should be creating inventory locations in Manager and making inventory transfers.
read the below guides

can we get the locations field in sales invoice??

no. possible in delivery notes.

Actually, inventory locations can be selected on sales invoices, but not when the Delivery Notes tab is enabled. You have the opportunity one place or the other, but not both, because if both were allowed, conflicting information could be entered. See the last portion of this Guide: Manager Cloud.

For the future, I suggest that when a knowledgeable forum member send you a link, you read it. Unless your question has been misunderstood, you will usually find your answer there.

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Thanks Tut
That is very helpful to me. thanks a lot once again to solve my problem.