Is Manager already compliant with IRS-equivalent for any country?

I’ve been using Manager extensively for managing the finances for my business and was wondering if Manager is already compliant with IRS bodies of different countries/government, or if not, whether it has plans to be in the future?

For eg, in Singapore, the IRAS agency has a pretty efficient process for developers of accounting software to be listed in its register of approved software.

The details are here: 500-error | IRAS

Any thoughts?

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Manager doesn’t have any in-built method to produce IRAS audit files. However, it should be possible via API if someone really needs it.

In future, it could be in-built feature but there needs to be more demand for it.

Thanks for the reply, Lubos.

How about audit trails?
Does Manager currently keeps track of changes made to items (for e.g., if someone changed the amount on an invoice)?