Is it possible to calculate carton pitch in the Manager?

Is it possible to calculate cartoon pitch in the Manager ?

For example, I want to add a product that will have 10 pitch products per cartoon,
And want to sell the product as both cartoon & pitch. Is this possible?

Have a look at this, it may help you;

@Nazmul_Hasan_Nayeem, I assume you mean “carton”, not “cartoon.” I have edited the title of this thread.

But what do you mean by “pitch?” If you are referring to a unit name, please use that terminology. We do not know what you are referring to if you introduce your own terminology.

If you want to sell items by their individual units and by the carton, you have two choices:

  • Create two different inventory items and use production orders to create individual items from cartons of items. (Or do it in reverse, creating cartons of items from individual units).
  • Use inventory kits as suggested by @Shan.