Invoice to the inventory write off

Is it possible to copy the purchase invoice to the inventory write off?
copy to

What are you trying to achieve sir? Why do you need to do that? Can you provide some background?

I work according to the periodic inventory system
When purchasing consumer items, they are added to inventory
And I want to spend it from the stock for the operating account of the consumed items

Manager Uses perpetual inventory system the same as all the accounting software I have ever used. From how I see things the periodic inventory system was an option for organisations who found it difficult to keep up to date with inventory balance and cost of goods sold (COGS) in the era where computerised accounting system wasn’t available (I may be wrong) or was too expensive to acquire. The perpetual inventory system ensures up to date balances of inventory on hand and COGS. Why would you want to do away with a system that shows actual balances real-time? Almost all jurisdictions accept Weighted Average valuation too so changing things because of the valuation method here wouldn’t be an excuse :smile:.

I suggest you turn off the inventory module and use a spreadsheet for the Periodic Inventory System. No need to create the items in Manager if Manager’s way of accounting for inventory wouldn’t be needed.