Invoice Template for Old Invoices

Greetings from Kerala, India.
Thnx for providing such a wonderful application.
I was using old version of Manager and created around 500 invoices. Now, upgraded to new version. I got idea about Invoice template creation. But, I could apply this template only on new invoices OR while editing an existing invoice. All my old invoices lost its footer note and invoice number prefix. Should i edit each invoice in order to apply the template ? Or, is there any other way to apply the template to all my old invoices.?
Thanks in advance.

It is standard convention that any changes that you make today will only affect future transactions. It is usually never desirable to affect past transactions in general.

Thus the ability to modify old invoices using the new template cannot be done automatically.

As the point of modifying the invoice would be to change the information that the client would see, I do not see any point in updating old invoices that you have already issued as the client will never the see the old invoices again.

With regards to invoice number prefix - I think the simplest solution (granted time consuming) would be to change the prefix number manually. But again, is this really necessary. Just use the new invoice number prefix concept for future invoices as its very unlikely that you will need to review individual past invoices again. Once you have sent the invoice off to the client and they have paid, you generally never look at the invoice again.

Thank you for your prompt reply.

@dalacor I have just realised that my prefix “C” is now missing from my invoices. While I agree with you regarding “is it really necessary”, not a real drama, but it does identify our area within the franchise system. It only helps should head office receive a payment that has wrongly been allocated to another area.
Will we be able to add this again

You can edit a sales invoice number, just as you always could. For example:

@tut Thank you for the info, unfortunately I cannot find how to do that

Click Edit in the sales invoice register or while viewing the invoice. Edit the number.

@tut, Thank you again, yes I did know that was a way of doing it, but was much easier before when would could add a prefix. Unfortunately this defeats purpose of having auto numbering, but as I said it is not super important.

Prefixes disappeared long ago.