Invoice summary MRU

It would be tremendously helpful if the Invoice summary field on new Sales Invoices were to have Most Recently Used functionality, as several other fields do, so that recently used entries could be selected and populated from a drop-down list. This might be helpful for other free-text fields, as well.

Use case: Almost all of my invoices use Professional consulting services as the Invoice summary, although every once in a while I issue an invoice entitled Professional review services. (I use the line-item descriptions for a more-detailed description of each hourly service, like Client teleconference or Travel time.) Having to type Professional consulting services every time is tiresome and subject to embarrassing typos. If the field had MRU, I could choose to select one of my recent entries from the drop-down list.

Beyond the Invoice summary, MRU functionality could also be useful, for example, in the Description field on new Billable Time entries. I’m getting tired of having to type Client teleconference and Weekly team meeting, and it looks sloppy if I’m inconsistent in how I word such items on a single invoice. (I’d really like to see a Services Items feature akin to Inventory Items, but that’s a much bigger thing than just having MRU.)

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This is something I was resisting for quite some time. The idea was for people to write meaningful descriptions rather than generic ones. But I agree, in many cases you really just want to use generic descriptions and the system shouldn’t make it more difficult to do so.

So check the latest version, autocomplete should be working on those fields now.


Thank you, Lubos.

Once we have job-level accounting, hopefully the Job description field will appear on the invoices next to (or just below) the Invoice summary field. When that happens, the generic description from Invoice summary coupled with the specific description from Job description will indeed provide truly meaningful information to whoever receives the invoice.

For now, I plan to use the autocomplete-populated Invoice description field as a starting point, appending a job description when appropriate (e.g., Consulting services: Main Street facility).

I’ve just noticed that you implemented autocomplete in a few other places besides the Invoice summary field, including notably the Description field for Billable time.

THANK YOU, @LUBOS! This is fabulous! In the absence of “items” functionality for billable time, having autocomplete will make my invoices much cleaner. No more “weekly team teleconference” mixed in with “team weekly teleconference” on the same invoice! Really great to have this.