Invoice payment in different currency


Will an update happen regarding paying (spend money) a purchased invoice in an other currency than that of the invoice rather than using the journal entry. Given that the base price and exchange rate are already preset.

For example the amount is 1USD but I have paid in Euro. i can do this using in the journal entry, but it would be much easier and healthier if it can be done through the spend money button within the invoice itself.


You can do it through “Spend money” transaction. Just make sure to fix the amounts so they reflect how much was taken out of bank account and at the same time, how much supplier has received in their currency.


Yes this an other way i was doing, but wouldn’t it be easier if a currency drop down box was available like in “Journal Entry”? Just some thoughts.


When you spend money, the transaction will be already set to currency of bank account you are spending money from. So I assume spending money is easier than journal entry because you don’t have to make decision in which currency is the transaction.