Invoice paid

What is the correct process when an invoice is paid? what do you do with the invoice?

Read the Guide about recording a receipt. Or, if you are referring to a purchase invoice, read about recording a payment.

Thanks Tut but please treat me gently. I do not understand the Guide. When I create an Invoice and the customer pays it what I generally do is create the receipt and then delete the Invoice because I cannot see where the invoice gets converted to a receipt. I tried what you said reading the guide but am still unclear.

Don’t delete the invoice. That is how the income is recorded. The invoice is not converted to a receipt. They are separate transactions.

Your comments suggest you need to educate yourself about double entry accounting. I suggest starting at

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Hi @Buettel2

When you encode a Sales Invoice, it will be available in the Sales Invoice Tab. Once customer pays that specific invoice, do the ff:

A. View the Specific Sales Invoice
B. Choose New Receipt

See guide :

It would be better if you try to do it yourself and discover the ease of recording receipts or payments. :slight_smile:

Applying Payments to Purchase Invoices almost works the same way…