Invoice including shipping

Hi guys! Any chance to automatically add the shipping costs to all products of a specific invoice? Thanx!

Have you read the Freight-in Guide Manager Cloud

and this topic Importing of goods - #35 by jacekm


You did not specify whether you were referring to purchase invoices or sales invoices, @ypettemerides. The links @Brucanna sent are about purchasing. If you were referring to adding shipping charges to sales invoices, there is no automatic method. You must add a line item for shipping to the invoice, posting to a suitable account. The amount could be a fixed charge, in which case you might like to set it up as a non-inventory item to save work. Or, it could be the actual amount charged by your shipper. You can even mark up the cost to make additional profit or cover handling and packaging costs.

You are absolutely right. I meant for purchase invoices, so it can automatically be spread between the products and be calculated in every’s product purchase cost