Invoice in pack and loose qty

Hello managers

In feature can do the pack and lose qty invoicing
A product named ABC has 24 pcs in carton and customer order it 30 pcs

So can manager doing invoicing 1 pack qty in carton and 6 lose qty in pcs in same invoice.?

No, you need to use decimal number.

Or you need to convert to pieces for all transactions. Or use production orders to convert one to the other.

Search the forum. This has been discussed dozens of times.

Enter 1.25 as quantity

You either need to record all related inventory transactions as pcs or have two inventory items.

If you purchase 2 ctns of 24 pcs, then you recorded the purchase as 48 units.
However, if you sell both ctns & pcs then you need to have two Inventory items: one ctn units and one pcs units and use production orders to convert ctns into pcs.

I would avoid decimal point conversations. If the ctn was 24 and the customer purchased 25, your calculator can only produce and un-rounded factor and your inventory on hand quantities would look really strange: eg. if 2 ctns were purchased and 25 pcs were sold, your inventory on hand quantity would be : 0.9583334