Investment company

Hi everybody my name is JImmy
and i have been looking for a accounting software for business
the nature of our company is forex trading with companys capital.

So is it posssible to setup and use manager for profit and losses
for an investment company and if it is possible then anyone can direct us to an account plan codes to use ?

regards Jimmy

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Your accountant?

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We havent started to trade yet , but the company is incorporated in the uk.
I realy like the software but i was wondering howto book profits and losses.
do i have to book every trade we take ?

And thanks for the reply

Without knowledge of the applicable laws in the UK, I would expect that you would only book every trade you make if you are an investor rather than a trader - Investing vs. Trading: What's the Difference?

As a trader you would probably rely on your brokerage statements for trading details, allocate new purchases as an expense, disposals as regular sales income and account for investments on hand like trading stock in a business.

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Awesome thanks for the help, so now we are all set to go so thanks


I think i understand but do i need a invoice for this but not sending it to my broker but for internal use only ?


I would rather use the inventory module

Lets say i deposit 2000$ to my forex broker how do i book the deposit ?
and i loose 200$ on one trade but makes another trade with a profit for 350$ how do i book it ?
would be great with some examples because im new to the accounting world…
im from sweden so i have also finnished the translation file 100% to swedish so where can i upload it ?

Best Regards ¨

It depends so much on you local low.

I would register the money that you send to your trader as a bank account. Once he invest in a title i would crate an inventory item and make a payment from the bank account vs the item. At the closing at the fiscal year, if the position is not closed you should account a plus or a minus through a journal entry. Once you disinvest you will sell the inventory item at the current price and get the money in bank account.

Awesome thanks so much.
i have notw setuped the bookings to work and i havee tested it and its working according to your examples so thanks Davide


I think i understand but i open around 10 positions daily, some loss and some profits
any idea how i can book it so the tax man don’t kill me


If you are trading like that, then you will be considered a trader and the gains/losses will be treated under Income Tax not CGT

I wonder what this topic has to do with the Manager accounting software? IMO it belongs to an accounting forum but not here.

im using the manager for accounting but i was oonly wonderinf how to book all the trades

It is best to consult a tax accountant.

If you don’t want to track them in your software in the way I prospected you (you can speed up everything with batch create and batch update) than you will have to ask your trader to give you a periodic report. Than you will have to update your aggregated position through a journal entry for each period. But again you have to ask if it is possible by local law.

Awosome thanks everybody for the help

Best regards