Inventory zero warning

Manager should kindly fasting to implement inventory zero warning or inventory on hand display on Sales Forms and Receipts Form.

Thank you.


Great idea and very welcomed
as a simple idea to make it looks similar to recurring sales invoices yellow warning ,
on inventory settings you can set the number of the QTY that will showing the warning for items if
it’s QTY less than 1,2,3…….
Great effort @lubos
and best wishes


There is no doubt Manager is one of the best accounting softwares available!
One simple missing function, just a plain inventory reorder level setting or low-inventory warning will probably help propel Manager to the No.1 accounting software, wouldn’t you all agree?
Those who do not want this feature, can simply ignore it.
But there seems to be a vast majority of users who have been patiently waiting for this feature for years.
Perhaps the developers can prioritize this feature? Or help clarify once and for all why this feature shouldn’t be there in Manager?

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The feature will be added, that is why this topic is in the ideas category.


Looking forward to this group… Thank you

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I used an accounting system before the manager
An important advantage was having a field next to any item (sales - sales order - purchase and other…) that told you how much was available.

But I didn’t find this advantage in the manager.
I encourage the developer to pay attention to this, especially since it is a general request by many users

If its in idea tag that is mean He want to do it at the right time and in the right way

No, @elias_alrayes, it does not. It means it has been opened up for discussion. Read the opening description for the ideas category.

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Ha ok then how we will know if that idea performed in the agenda for developing ??? Is there any action like vote by example

we do not, until it is implemented and announced in the same topic.

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Guys realy we are love you all .so much respectfull you tut and sharp and lubs and we know as comunity that you do all you can to reach success
And honestly you did
best regards


still waiting this feature…please consider


Hello Managers
@lubos & @Tut

Its very sad to me because my 3 clients leave manager for 2 things

  1. negative inventory & no stock control
  2. invoicing is less then avg.cost value

while invoicing customer have no idea about the stock in hand or cost price of any item. these 2 things are damage the beauty of manager.

inventory and avg.cost popup window or something like this to show stock and cost while invoicing is very necessary to an accounting system.
please see the below picture

Manager provides a basic accounting package that is easy to use for a very reasonable price

The features you mention belong to business management and are not really about accounting

Every business needs to manage its pricing and inventory as well as its accounting

@meesam, you need to explain this comment. Sales invoice pricing is at whatever number the user enters. That might be because it is the inventory item’s (optional) sales price. Or it might be whatever figure the user manually enters. But the invoice price has nothing to do with average value. It is a user decision. You cannot blame the program for actions by your clients.

If a user wants to know the current average cost of an inventory item before invoicing, that is easily determined within Manager. You can either navigate to the Inventory Items tab or open a second Manager window to display average pricing alongside the sales invoice entry screen.

For that matter, inventory on hand can be determined the same way, and just as easily. Remember, many Manager users practice just-in-time inventory acquisition and routinely sell items they do not have on hand, ordering them from suppliers only when needed.

There is a reason why this topic is in ideas. I’m certain it will be implemented when circumstances permit. Inventory zero or negative balance warning is a basic requirement. It a must have for accounting software that has inventory features.


This has been in ideas for years, so I don’t think it is high on priority list at all

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I often create invoices even if Qty in hand is 0. But sometimes it would make things easier if I could see available Qty in hand (without going to Inventroy Items tab every time) while inside the invoice weather by hovering the mouse over the item or having a seperate column showing qty. This is specially useful if the client didn’t want to wait for the next time the item would be available and wanted to see if we enough of that item.

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You can always open a second window to display inventory quantities so that they are easily available

True, but then I would type the item name in the invocie then type it again in Inventroy Items to filter it which seems inconvenient don’t you agree ?