Inventory question

Hi… Me again. Thanks for answering my silly question. I got another question though.

I am buying in bulk for my supplies. A bulk has 30 pieces of the material i need and to make our product i only need a piece or 2. In order to have my inventory sync i compute manually to get a decimal number. My question is, is there any workaround in manager in which i dont have to compute manually? Thanks in advance!!!

When you buy the bulk enter that raw material inventory as 30.
When you make the product use the Production Orders to transfer the pieces of raw material in to the finished product inventory. Production Orders is a tab activated under Customise

Thanks… now how to add Raw Materials items and Finished product item? and separate them? Everytime i put on inventory items it showing both in finish prod and raw mat. i tried utilizing the inventory kit instead of prod order. everytime i have a sales order.

I’m sorry i am totally new to this stuff. I am just doing manual accounting before.

What do you mean by this, where is this occurring ?
Can you show screenshot ?

Inventory Kits are used when you are combining separate finished goods into a single sale.
A book that has separate volumes which can be sold either individually or as a set.

How to get to Raw Materials?

I Hope they will be seperated.

Just to confirm, Inventory Kits are use if you have a finished prod available. While Production Order is use to make a new inventory using manufacturing?

Within a single production order, they will all appear as line items, without headings or subdivisions. But you can arrange the order in which they appear by dragging the up/down arrows to the left of the lines. That way, you could position all finished goods that go into a production order together and all raw materials together.

Inventory Kits are used if you are combining different finished goods into one a new product for sale.
Fishing Rod & Fishing Reel can be sold separately or combined to make a Fishing Rod/Reel complete