Inventory Profit Margin report format bug

Extremely sorry for bringing this topic back! Can you please adjust the column widths so that all the figures remain in single row? Now that my figures have grown up to 9 digits including decimals, the report seems bit misaligned on screen and in pdf format. Would be nice if the column widths for “Sales”, Cost of Sales" and “Profit” are adjusted to have minimum 12 digits width, so that they all remain in the same row.

Thank you

This could be a bug, but might also be caused by outdated software. Several improvements to column width allocation have been made in recent months. So, first, update your software to see if the problem persists.

Obviously, there is some limit to how many characters can fit on one line. But it should be more than 9. Here is a section of the same report from my test company:

It obviously allows more than 12 characters. But the total row for the same report has a problem:

@Tut My Version is 17.1.73 and I ensure that I update to the latest as and when possible. The image in your reply seems to be perfect. But mine isn’t!
I clicked the “pdf” button and the one I got was pasted earlier. So, what next in my case?

Well, you have eliminated the software version possibility. Your screen shot either did not include or you obscured your inventory item names. Are they lengthy? I suppose the software might allocate width to them first, before dividing space for the numbers.

Also notice that my image is not perfect. See the second screen shot, where the total line wraps. But notice that this might occur because the Sales total is nearing the width of the longest item name.

@Tut, please have a look…

This is what I get on clicking the ‘pdf’ button.

I’ve moved this to a new topic and elevated it to bug status.

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This should be fixed in the latest version (17.1.91)

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Have updated to latest version 17.1.93 and below is the image of report now. Haven’t seen any change. Is there something which I am missing. Please advice…

OK, try again version 17.1.94 which should fix this particular report too.

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