Inventory out of stock

is there any option to alert that a specific inventory is out of stock?

There is no active alert, like a warning window popping up to obscure your screen. But quantities on hand and backordered show in the Inventory Items tab.

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Thanks. But it would be better if there appears a warning message before selling an out of stock inventory instead of selling with a backorder?

Many companies routinely sell inventory items they do not have in stock. They purchase from their suppliers only after they have an order in hand and have invoiced the final customer. And many have the supplier ship directly to the end customer. The design philosophy behind behind Manager is to allow the tool to be employed as users wish. It will not prevent you from making mistakes or substitute for operational and managerial vigilance.

I appreciate that Manager considers end user requirements. The philosophy is good as you told but however I think there should be an alert system along with backorder. It will make Manager more user friendly.

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I think he is mentioning about setting up a “re-Order Point” Supplier / itemwise.

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Is there any option for setting a reorder point?