Inventory on Hand page modification to show Description also,in addition to name

When I click inventory on hand from summary page, I like how Manager now shows the total value of items on hand. Just want to request if it would be possible to also show the description for the items?

I too would also like to see the description on the summery page link to Inventory on hand page.

Some users have really long descriptions. Name is meant to be unique identifier and you should be able to tell item by its name. If you can’t, then you need to name your items better.

The reason why I’m reluctant to put descriptions column there is because I really want to encourage users to use better names. If they don’t, the next feature request will be… “put description of item on all reports involving inventory items” and as I said, I can’t do that. Descriptions can be long with multiple lines of text. It would make reports less compact and more difficult to read.

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