Inventory module

Looking for someone, who can guide about proper use of Inventory module.

First use the multiple guides on Inventory Management starting with Manage inventory - Part 1 Introduction | Manager

When having some trouble, search the forum as it is very likely that the answer to any further questions will be mentioned there.

Please see forum rules FAQ - Manager Forum especially:

Do not offer or solicit products or services.


  • Read the Guides first. They explain many features and functions of Manager. They include helpful illustrations and examples. We are always adding new ones and updating existing ones as capabilities of the program improve.
  • Search before you post. Chances are good you are not the first person with a similar question. If you cannot find what you need in the Guides, thousands of topics with tens of thousands of postings make it likely the answer to your question is already here on the Forum. Before starting a new topic, tap into our huge, crowdsourced knowledge base.
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