Inventory minimum Stock levels

Lubos hi

kindly consider adding this feature am also facing challenge knowing when stock is out and we don’t take back orders

Hi Lubos
Could add this feature as i am facing challenges knowing when stock is under a specified amount.

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Okay I understand. However, what I need is an alert when am running low on stock. Lubos said perfectly that he’s working on purchase orders first to make it tally with stock level. I am asking whether that has been finally implemented.

You must make another thing to solve many problems.
Making consumption reports
System will take maximum consumption and available stock
Available stock / maximum consumption
You will know when you must make an order

Item x
By month
01 10 pc
02 14 pc
03 9 pc
04 8 pc
05 13 pc
06 15 pc
07 11 pc
08 12 pc
09 13 pc
10 6 pc
Available stock 75 pc
75 pc / 15 pc maximum = 5 months of stock available

Has the minimum stock level quantity been impliments yet? I would really love to have this feature as well


Any idea when?

there is never an ETA for new features. check the forum or release page for updates.

Hi Lubos

Please share ETA.

please read the post just above yours.

What’s the hope on the implementation of inventory minimum stock level alert? @lubos

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Hey badly need this feature as this is a very smart reporting to run a business smartly, if manager can help in this reorder feature that would be amazing please update if there are any leads to it? It would be great if we can get these features
When to reorder
Suggested quantity to order considering sales of items
Over stocked items (so they can be liquidated)
Hot selling
Slow selling
Dead stock which rarely sells
These are some very smart features now some small scale softwares are also offering. Would be glad if manager can put these features and warehousing module aswell as POS

That is not an accounting function. It is a function of your inventory management philosophy.

See above. Accounting software will not predict the future. Make this decision based on Inventory Quantity Movement report. This also requires knowledge of current lead times from suppliers, something the software does not know.

According to what criteria? How would the program know what constitutes an overstocked situation in your mind?

All this can be determined from the Inventory Quantity Movement report.

Use inventory locations. That is what they are for. See Use inventory locations | Manager.


At this moment, it sounds like asking for too much & too many. Let us move step by step. As of now, I and many other users now look forward to have a feature to set a re-order quantity level to get an alert once the stock on hand shrinks to reorder quantity level.

I recall, sometime in the middle of last year, I had also strongly requested for this great feature of setting alert for minimum re-order quantity level. In my opinion, this feature can be an option when creating inventory item (like already exiting feature of setting sale price & purchase price). There could be a check box option for minimum reorder quantity level . If the box is checked, the option would permit a user to set a minimum re-order quantity level. Once the stock on hand q’ty comes down to re-order q’ty level, a pop up window (or some kind of report of the list of re-order inventory item) could alert the user. It is up to the developer how best to implement it

There is no denying the importance of this feature as it could be of great advantage for many users too. Unfortunately, we have suffered severely many a times when it was already too late until we found out the stock on hand gone too low level and requiring to re-order. This oversight (or lack of feature) caused interruption in our production line.

@lubos, please consider to implement this great feature as, I feel, it will add great value to Manager.

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In the meantime, it would not take a lot of effort to export the inventory at the end of each day or shift or week to Excel and have a spreadsheet macro show the inventory items at or near min stock levels

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In fact, it would probably be easier to manage in a spreadsheet than to modify parameters of inventory items. You could fold all kinds of relevant factors into one algorithm.

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When to re order, suggested quantities, over stock, dead stock on the basis of sales hot selling and all these intelligent reports are to be based on sales of that product. I understand they are really hard to implement but another thing we can have is API integration with wordpress and other platforms like this since some of these reports are very well generated by wordpress and some plugins that would help to manage the stock aswell on the ecommerce sites automatically. So we can use reports of wordpress and it would tell us about these movements.

I’m already using these locations option for warehouse and shop but to my understanding warehousing is a little diverse module in which we can have some more useful features

My point was that Manager cannot know how things would be based on sales. For example, would you want a linear extrapolation of recent sales? If so, over how many days/weeks/months? How would you allow for changing lead times of suppliers? Would you try to keep all items in stock, or would you be content to special order some that move slowly? Would you consider the necessary investment to maintain very costly inventory in stock? All these things are management decisions, not accounting functions. Can they be automated? Yes, but it might be easier to do that outside your accounting program.

you are right.
so if manager can give us only the minimum stock ability and its reporting it can make management to decide easily.