Inventory Kit Cost Break Down

If I sell a sofa that is created through my workshop from too many items like wood and some items (which i purchase from my suppliers)

I want to know if i create an invoice for a customer or Qout or Order how much the meter of sofa will cost me from the items i already put in the inventory kit

how i can do

Inventory kits are not for your situation. Inventory kits are for when you have items in inventory you sell as-is and also in groups. You have Bolt A and Nut B. Customers can buy either one by itself. But you also sell Bolt A with Nut B, perhaps for less than the sum of the two individual items.

When you are manufacturing, use production orders. Read this guide: Use production orders to manufacture inventory items | Manager.

what if i use clothes - high quality to manufacure a sofa and those clothes has diffenrent price depends on the choice of the customer … some has 50 price and other has 600 price for exp…

how can i tailor the cost of the choosed clothes ( from purchase invoice) to the production order not the average cost?

If you are tracking the various fabrics as inventory, you need a different item for every fabric. If you only obtain fabric and use it up for one sofa, just post it to a material expense account.