Inventory Items

Hi Manager, I am using cloud version and running a manufacturing business. I have 5 different stores for different items e.g. fabric, leather, chemicals, accessories, finished goods etc. In software I have enter the inventory items in one place “Inventory Items”. Hence all the Store staff has access to all the items which is not required. How can I keep the inventory of each store separately and the access is secured and available to specific staff member of a particular store. Can I show Icon as:
Inventory Items Chemicals Store
Inventory Items Wet Blue Leather Store
Inventory Items Finished Leather Store
Inventory Items Fabric Store
Inventory Items Accessories Store
and so on
Please advise.
Javaid M Sethi

You can track inventory items at different places (either real or just administrative) using inventory locations. See I don’t think you can limit access to only one location, though.