Inventory - Cost drill down description

When drilling down on inventory - cost it shows the sales invoice description on each item sold, it used to show the item description.

@lubos, could I please request that the inventory item description be shown.

Thank you.

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This was just addressed by the developer today in another thread: Missing Item Descriptions in General Ledger - #3 by lubos. That discussion was specifically about a report, but it explains the problem of including the full item description in any report or listing.

I did read that post but wanted to highlight how this change has affected another users workflow.

Quote from the linked post:

“ For this reason, I’m planning to improve custom report so these “transactional reports” such as general ledger transactions or tax transactions won’t be needed and custom reports will allow you to select which columns to show.”

@lubos, until the planned improvements to custom reports have been implemented would it be possible to revert back to showing item descriptions on this drill down as currently I have a list of numbers and I don’t easily know which items they apply to.

Does anyone know of a way, whether by custom reports or not, to produce a list of sold items with description and their cost prices by Sales Invoice?

@lubos Would you please consider displaying the Item description when drilling down on Item Cost Expenses.

Item description can be long so it’s not really suitable to be shown if there are quite a few columns. How come the item cannot be identified by its name?

Because the name doesn’t show full detail.
I just would like to view the cost price and descriptions of items on a particular Sales Invoice or if there is a report available that could show the figures?