Inventory control

Hi, I have a small business. I am trying to navigate through this inventory system to be familiar with it. The issues I am having is when I create a sales invoice it doesn’t automatically subtract it from my inventory. Any suggestions?

Have you looked at Improved Calculation for "Qty to receive" and "Qty to deliver" in Inventory Items and Added "Qty available", "Qty to be available" and "Qty to order" columns to “Inventory Items”

No I have not. My business is very small so when I receive merchandise I add them to my warehouse inventory. Now I have a small store with a section for inventory also. So what I do and maybe I am doing it incorrectly, I would create a sales invoice for merchandise I am taking from the warehouse. I then have a store inventory which I would add those inventory I am taken from my warehouse to the store inventory. Whenever I make a sale I would create a sales invoice from my store warehouse and it would subtract it then. Sometimes I would get different number when I look at what’s available and my starting balance.

It looks like you want to use two locations. You can create two Inventory locations, Wirehouse and Store.

Select the Wirehouse location when purchasing or receiving inventory,
and select the Store location when you create a sales invoice.

You also need one more transaction when you move Inventory from Wirehouse to Store. Use Inventory Transfer for this.

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Thank you so much for your advice it is truly appreciated. If I may ask you and question, why does certain items availability different than starting balance? It doesn’t seems to deduct when I make a sale. Also if I delete a receipt the item on that receipt automatically goes back into the available balance. Any advice would be truly appreciated.

@Mabaega already posted the links to the guides. Read the carefully and you will find the answers to your questions.

You need to show a screenshot of how you created the Inventory Item and added the starting balance and how you created the sales invoice.

Or show a screenshot of your Inventory report
Reports - Inventory Quantity by Location